Beautiful "downtown Primrose"

Beautiful "downtown Primrose"

Ruth Hansen  

has lived in the southwest, northeast, and in New England.  Currently living in a home in Wisconsin that she and her husband designed, Ruth finds no greater pleasure than working in the studio, or tending the animals of her small farm.

Ruth Hansen is a full-time studio artist, devoted to painting, drawing, spinning, and weaving.


Her paintings reflect the joy of country living, and bring the viewer into a shared conversation about the beauty of simple, “every day” things.   Whether it is the way light reflects off the feathers of a chicken, or how horses stand together at rest, Ruth seeks to convey a reverence for the nature of her surroundings.  Watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil are the media of choice.


Hand spinning and weaving  balances the time spent painting.  While the paint dries, Ruth creates one-of-a-kind accessories in a wide range of materials.   Using natural fibers woven on a counter-march loom, each item is an exciting blend of color and pattern. 


Training horses and dressage riding for pleasure, raising Angora goats, Belted Galloway cattle, and chickens make life full and rewarding.

 "The only constant in life, is that everything constantly changes"